Dwen’s “Tr Pp N” Sums Up All Your Love/Hate Relationships

Lo-fi art pop

Photo: Dan Lawrence

East London act Dwen digs into the hazy and ambivalent territory of love/hate relationships in their new lo-fi single “Tr Pp N.” As enigmatic as it phonetic title, the lyrics of the song dives into our own perplexing emotions when it comes to our connection to someone that is not clearly defined by a single sentiment. You hate them, but also love being with them. It’s a social dilemma that we all carry around as we keep expanding our list of frienemies, acquaintances and sidebitches. Stream below:

We don’t know much about Dwen since they tend to keep a low profile for now. All we know is that the moniker ‘Dwen’ is the phonetic spelling of “douen” – names given to myth creates from Trinidad and Tobago folklore.