Lex Audrey’s ‘No Intention Of Changing The World’ Is Your Intro Album To Badassery 101

Indietronica with rock grit

Photo: Courtesy of The Playground

Austrian act Lex Audrey recently dropped his album No Intention Of Changing The Worldback in February 8thvia LasVegas Records. If you’re into quirky indietronica that also exhibits the grit and edginess of rock’n’roll while also toying with a splash of R&B, this record is for you:

“It‘s hard to summarize this album in just a few sentences, as we worked very long and hard on it. A lot of the songs are very critical about how technology sometimes has a negative impact on society and the way people interact with each other. We don‘t know if our listeners feel the same way about it yet, but we can‘t wait to find out.” shared vocalist Niklas.

Lex Audrey will start touring next month, so go see them:

Europe 2019

7 March – POMOPERO (Breganze, Italy)

9 March – MISHIMA (Terni, Italy)

10 March – DISSONANZE (Cava de’ Tirreni, Italy)

14 March – PRIMACLASSE (Ragusa, Italy)

15 March – MONO (Catania, Italy)

16 March – ZOOTV (Brucoli, Italy)

17 March – HMORA (Siracusa, Italy)

18 March – BOLAZZI (Palermo, Italy)

20 March – OFF (Lamezia Terme, Italy)

21 March – HUB (Cosenza, Italy)

22 March – MR ROLLY’S (Vitulazio, Italy)

23 March – DELIRI (Sora, Italy)

25 March – LE MURA (Roma, Italy)

26 March – MARLA (Perugia, Italy)

27 March EX CINEMA AURORA (Livorno, Italy)

16 April – FZW (Dortmund, Germany)

18 April – SUBSTAGE (Karlsruhe, Germany)

29 April – CHELSEA (Vienna, Austria)