Mickey Kojak Made An EDM Cover Of Dido’s “White Flag”…Yes, EDM

Let’s process feelings à-la-2003

Photo: Courtesy of Alt Vision

Never in our lives we thought of writing a sentence that contained both ‘Dido’ and ‘EDM’ until we ran into Mickey Kojak. The Aussie artist dropped an EDM version of Dido’s classic hit “White Flag” and we feel weirdly sad about liking it…like we feel hopelessly old knowing all the lyrics to it, but also feel childishly ecstatic to be soaking on the fist-pumping sonic steroids that Mickey has injected. If you were a fetus or being conceived back in 2003, “White Flag” was featured in every emotional scene in the Millennial TV show canon: Smallville, The Inbetweeners, Medium, The Sopranos, Tru Calling, and more. Fuck, the official video even features Angel – the hottest vampire before Twilight took over:

“If you haven’t cried listening to Dido, you’re a god damn liar. There is an endless trove of music out there which I think we deny ourselves because it’s deemed ‘cheesy’ – song’s like Dido’s White Flag are sleepers and need to be brought into the limelight again. Not just as one of those tracks you listened to in the car with your parent’s on long drives, but as an amazing piece of music in it’s own right. I hope this cover serves as a way for ya’ll to reconnect with an amazing song” shared Mickey.

Mickey has been making waves with his covers of Daft Punk and Mac Demarco last year. He is currently finishing a new EP, which will be out this year. While you wait, here’s some history lesson on how we processed feelings back in the bumsters era: