Szjerdene’s “Restart” Is Your Guide To Having One Less Problem In Your Life

A lesson on making life easier

Photo: Courtesy of Outpost Media

London artist Szjerdene helps us cut down at least one problem in our lives with her new downtempo electronic single “Restart.” Built on moody undertones and coated with a fizzling aura, “Restart” is a meditation on accepting that you can’t really fix other people’s happiness. The track sways between letting-go and DGAF realms, where Szjerdene’s vocals captures the relief and heartbreak that comes with such realization:

“‘Restart’ is the realisation that you’re not responsible for another’s happiness and the admission that you once thought you could be” shared the gal.

The track is the first taste of Sjerdene’s upcoming third EPTrace– stay tuned for release date.