EZI Reignites Top Gun Romance Vibes With “Take My Breath Away”

Classic meets sultry modernism

Photo: EZI Facebook

Rising artist EZI gives us the classic Top Gunromance chills with her cover of the classic hit “Take My Breath Away.” With the same chest-swelling lyrics, EZI adds her own glass-cutting vocals and synthgasmic sharpness to it – the result is a chic love song that sends hair-raising warm chills. Enjoy:

“”I created this song during my time writing in Berlin with a producer named Alexis Troy. I always wanted to flip a classic song that’s so different from my sound and make it my own. It was my first time in Berlin and I was so swept off my feet by the city so I felt like the message of the song and the fact that it was originally released by Berlin made made recreating Take My Breath Away feel so right. This track also gives my fans a taste of where I’ll be going sonically in my next project.” shared EZI.

The gal is currently working on new music, so make sure to keep her under your radar.