Guest Singer’s “My Parallel” Is A Deconstruction Of Self & Alternative Lives

Basically, a song for your quarter midlife crisis

Photo: Courtesy of Super Cat PR

UK act Guest Singer takes us into the philosophical waters of our own identity and freewill in his new single “My Parallel.” The song itself feels like the offspring of The Matrixand kraut-rock, with sprinkles of Millennial romantic pessimism. As Gen Z are starting to pass the drinking age and weeding out Millennials with their avocado toasts out of 20s, quarter midlife crisis is starting to become a global epidemic. “My Parallel” pretty much sums up the two key roots of such mass existential illness into one song:

“‘My Parallel’ has duel meanings: the first concerns the notion of what could have been – what would I be doing right now had I taken a particular opportunity? The second looks at the presentation of self. How we re-skin our personalities to fit whatever social interactions we find ourselves part of.” shared Guest Singer’s Jake Cope

The other members of Guest Singer are Paul Burdett and France Lahmar. The trio is currently getting ready to roll out their debut EP I’m Irrelevant Nowon March 22nd. They will also be playing some shows this month, so if you’re suffering from some existential crisis go see them:

Europe 2019

15th February – Band On The Wall (Manchester, UK)*

16th February – Yellow Arch Studios (Sheffield, UK)*

18th April – The Castle (Manchester, UK) +

*w/ Her’s

+ w/ Team Picture