Culture Code’s “Make A Promise” Ft. Elle Vee Is Future Bass On Galactic Steroids

What aliens are fist-pumping to right now

Photo: Courtesy of Be Yourself Music

UK duo Culture Code takes us into a galactic EDM journey with their latest single “Make A Promise” ft. Elle Ve. With bursting beats and chest-swelling ambience, “Make A Promise” skyrockets you to the perfect sweet point between future bass and dance pop. Elle’s add another theatrical layer to the track where she makes even the most starry-eyed phrases feel sharp enough to cut through your emotional pressure points – stream below:

Comprised of besties Dylan Norton and Chris Bains, Culture Code are known for their bass-powered house and dubstep sound that have gone viral and gained acclaimed from the likes of Tiesto. They’re currently working on new music, so be on the lookout for more goodies.