The King’s Parade Gives Us A Lesson On Human Chemistry In “Mad”

Let’s talk about atoms and rock

Photo: Courtesy of Wilful Publicity

UK quartet The King’s Parade taps into the inexplicable law of human chemistry in their new single “Mad.” Built on a smoothly invigorating riffage, “Mad” boxes us into that brief – yet impactful – moment that we experience when we meet someone who catalyzes a peculiar feeling in us. Whether that’s a positive or negative, there’s some atomic reaction going on between you two or just yourself. But again, you can’t really trust atoms – they make up everything:

‘Mad’ is about the energy felt between two people we tend to call chemistry. It can happen the second you see or meet someone, or it can happen over time, but it’s just a feeling you have within yourself. It can’t be quantified or justified; it’s just a state of being. Sometimes it feels so mysterious that you start to question whether it exists at all. ‘Mad’ is about that moment.” explained frontman Olly Corpe.

The King’s Parade have tour dates coming up:

Europe 2019

2/22 – L’Asino che Vola (Roma, Italy)

3/2 – The Phoenix Theatre and Arts Centre (Borden, UK)

4/7 – Siroco (Madrid, Spain)

4/12 – Razzmatazz (Barcelona, Spain)

4/19 – Le 1999 (Paris, France)

4/20 – Paardcafe (De Haag, Netherlands)

4/24 – Borderline (London, UK)

4/26 – Headrow House (Leeds, UK)

4/27 – Marwood Bar & Coffehouse (Brighton, UK)