Tallsaint Explores Sporadic Moments Of Intimate Bliss In “Warm Skin”

For human and cat lovers out there

Photo: Portia Hunt

Leeds-based artist Tallsaint boxes us into that sporadic moment of euphoria we experience when we wake up next to someone we love in her new starry-eyed single “Warm Skin.” But despite what you think, the song was inspired by Tallsaint waking up next to her beloved PJ Harvey – her cat. Built on a slow-burning momentum, “Warm Skin” has a pulse of its own where the synths stretch alongside the luring vocals of Tallsaint that nails the almost-otherworldly bliss we experience secretly in the middle of the night – with cats, of course:

The new single “is a descriptor for waking up in the middle of the night and opening your eyes to someone you cherish.” explained Tallsaint. “When you’re asleep next to someone, it’s a vulnerable but also such a beautifully tender position to be in, I think this is the first song I’ve written in my life about subject matter so blissful.”

“Warm Skin” is from Tallsaint’s upcoming debut EP Hard Love, which will be out on June 20thvia Dance to The Radio.