Take A Funk Pop Ride With Simon On the Moon’s “Lied 2 U”

It’s about bumping into your ex…and lies

Photo: Courtesy of Listen Up Music Promotion

Swedish artist Simon On The Moon captures the awkwardness and uncomfortable exhilaration that comes with bumping into your ex in his new single “Lied 2 U.” It’s one chic pop piece where Simon captures the skin-prickling humor through chiming beats and spiraling rhythm that comes with running into the most unwanted person on earth. It’s mood-boosting, but at the same time recognizes the perplexing effect of the situation. Stream below:

“Lied 2 U” is from Simon’s upcoming EP Milk, which will be out in March and includes his viral single “Hooked.” When Simon isn’t songsmithing, he’s upping his procrastination game: