Kita Menari Doesn’t Wants You To Suffer From Emotional Deficiency In “Feel It All”

Indietronic pop

Photo: Iris Hendriks

With contrasting moodiness and buoyancy, Dutch artist Kita Menari taps into the enigmatic human desire to feel – even if it hurts – in his new indietronic pop single “Feel It All.” As Kita’s vocals breaths into your ears, the percussions and waves of synths diffuse together in a peacefully harsh fashion. If you been feeling numb lately, the track serves as a clutch to stay tuned with your own emotions. Stream below:

“The track refers to a longing to feel emotion after a period of nothing. You want to feel it all: the good stuff, the bad stuff, everything and anything, even if that means risking hurting in the end” shared de Jonge. “A friend of mine thought her partner was being unfaithful. Rather than addressing her fears and anxiety she kept it to herself, scared that it was true. She had these thoughts about her partner for a very long time. ‘Feel It All’ is about this specific period where she was emotionally numb. Unfortunately she would come to find her suspicions weren’t a figment of her imagination.”

Micha de Jonge is the mastermind behind Kita Menari who is currently getting to roll out his EP Finally Awake, out on April 11th. He will start his headline tour in the spring , so go see him:

02.03.19 – Manifesto (Hoorn, Netherlands)

09.03.19 – Big Rivers (Dordrecht, Netherlands)

21.03.19 – Patronaat (Haarlem, Netherlands)

29.03.19 – Altstadt (Eindhoven, Netherlands)

30.03.19 – Tivoli (Utrecht, Netherlands)

05.04.19 – Snorrepop Festival (Weert, Netherlands)

17.04.19 – Burgerweeshuis (Deventer, Netherlands)

21.06.19 – So What! (Holland, Netherlands)