bülow Explores Pseudo-Realities In New Single “Sweet Little Lies”

Reality is not always fun

Photo: Courtesy of Auteur Research

German artist bülow speaks to our tendency to delay facing reality (i.e. adult crap like filing taxes, leaving toxic relationships, laundry, etc.) in her new single “Sweet Little Lies.” In the face of constant hurdles, we tend to put our efforts into distractions to procrastinate as much as we can – sometimes to an excessive extent. With a fizzling mixture of soul-brushed staccato beats and silvery vocals, bülow tells the story of our own lies that often end up amplifying the clusterfuck amount of problems we have. It’s almost a self-mockery and admittance of a habit that she and all of us exercise, knowing that it leads to no good. Stream below:

“Sweet Little Lies is about creating false realities. When things get real, we find escapes. Sometimes it’s hobbies, and sometimes it’s people. But the degree of it we can’t always control“ explained bülow.