Danish Artist b.o.a.t.s’ “a.o.m.l” Is Urban Electropop Hybridized With R&B

a.o.m.l = all of my life

Photo: Courtesy of monstrator music

Danish electro artist b.o.a.t.s (based.on.a.true.story) brings an edgy taste of urban pop that has smashed and rebuilt with the building blocks of R&B in new single “a.o.m.l” It’s a personal and dance-ready portrayal of his own ups and downs of being a bedroom artist to playing shows from Miami to Sydney. If you need a quick motivation pick-up or just a pristine foot-stomping banger to dance your heart out, it’s all yours:

b.o.a.t.s will be shipping you more singles in the upcoming weeks, so keep the deck clear – whatever that means.