New Atlas Taps Into Domestic Abuse In New Video “Lay Low”

Dark & raw portrait

Photo: New Atlas – Lay Low [Official Music Video] YouTube

Irish artist New Atlas helps us see domestic abuse from a male victim perspective in his new self-directed video “Lay Low.” The video challenges the gender expectations of the subject where New Atlas reminds us that abuse in any form can happen to anyone. While the track is a dark, underground dance track, the lyrics is a reflective one built on bass riffage and distorted euphony. Watch below:

“I wanted to touch on domestic abuse from a male perspective to give three minutes to support men suffering in silence. To show how perfect things can look in the public, and how polarised they can be behind closed doors. Most men are too full of pride, or afraid to be vulnerable and speak about their feelings or talk about suffering domestic abuse. I wanted to show the silence, and violence.” shared New Atlas.

New Atlas is currently working on new music, so stay tuned.