Old Fashioned Lover Boy Gives Us A Taste Of “Modern Life”

Jazzy pop

Photo: Courtesy of The Playground

Shoutout to Italian artist Alessandro Panzeri for coming up with the raddest moniker of the day: Old Fashioned Lover Boy. And as his artistic name suggests, he makes classy meditative sound that has modern rhythmic embellishments. His latest single, “Modern Life,” it’s a jazzy pop piece with a cinematic pizzazz that makes you feel like you’re sitting in a café in New York or some large city. Stream below:

“It’s a song that makes me have fun; I always want to play it, it makes me want to move, to dance. Inside I put so many RNB influences and I mixed them with my infinite passion for the 60s, for The Beatles and for George Harrison. It’s the song that 2 years ago I never imagined to produce and that now makes me think that I could not produce music different from this.” shared Old Fashioned Lover.

The track is from OFLB’s upcoming LP, which will also be his first release since his 2016 denbut album. He hasn’t revealed much details yet, but make sure to keep an eye out.