Hezen Drops #MeToo-Powered Song “Bring Your Alibi”

Power pop

Photo: Lost In The Manor PR

London-based artist Hezen brings her voice into the #MeToo movement through her new power pop single “Bring Your Alibi.” Built on a fiery yet cool aggression, it’s a fiery marching anthem where Hezen breaks the silence on sexual harassment. “Did you think I’d let you get away with it?” she chants. Stream below:

“The #MeToo movement had a profound effect on me. It felt like an incredible shift – I remember feeling so much admiration for the people who found the courage to tell their story. I was inspired to channel that resilience and courage – it’s like a feminist retelling of David vs Goliath.” shared Hezen.

Hezen, whose background comprises of Caribbean, Tamil, and Jewish roots, grew up outside of Paris before moving to London to study politics. It was during her postgrad years when she discovered electronic music and everything changed. Now as one of the most up-and-coming artists in the London scene, Hezen is getting ready to share more tunes and play a few shows: 2/27 – SET (London, UK)

3/11 – L’International (Paris, France)