Moniker Forwards Us To The Last Four Minutes Of Our Life In “Kicking And Screaming”

Yup, title sums up what we would do

Photo: Courtesy of Good Eye Records

While most artist out there reflect on their modern existential dilemma, Richmond duo Moniker ditches that train and transports us to the last few remaining minutes of our own existence in “Kicking and Screaming.” Subtly dark and wildly reflective, “Kicking and Screaming” is a guitar-powered shoegazey piece that channel a rare hybrid buzz of dooming madness and it-is-what-is attitude. Stream below:

In regards to the song, band’s Jordan Scott explained that it “started as an instrumental, with a wordless mumble over it. When I started to write lyrics, it became a song about coming to the end of your life and getting a second wind from it, either from joy or from fear.”

The single is the last taste of their new EP Private Prophet, out this Friday. They will be playing some shows in the spring, so go see them:

4/16 – Bottom of the Hill (San Francisco, CA, USA)

4/18 – The Holland Project (Reno, NV, USA)