Neiked’s “Lifestyle” Ft. Husky Is The Confession Of A Hot Mess

“How come you still think it’s just a phase?” Coz it totally isn’t

Photo: Courtesy of CentPourCent

If your default lifestyle fits the Urban Dictionary’s definition of hot mess, then Neiked’s “Lifestyle” ft. Husky is your life soundtrack. The Stockholm act takes us into a playful and chic sugary pop soundscape built on jangly beats and sparkling chimes that list out all your voluntary hot mess tendencies with a punch of humor. It’s light yet punches you right in your guts as everything listed in the lyrics are everything you’re guilty of:

Neiked is the brainchild of Victor Rådström who started this project by putting together an army of Swedish artists, producer, writers, fairies, and vocalists. Neiked has already scored top 10 songs across 10 countries and is not showing any signs of slowing down. “Lifestyle” is the latest taste of Neiked’s upcoming LP Best Of Hard, which will be out sometime soon.