Hedegaard & Matt Hawk Share New Anti-Filter Anthem “SA-MY-D”

Deep bass

Photo: Courtesy of Copenhagen Records

Danish artist Hedegaard teams up with Matt Hawk in their new collab single “SA-MY-D,” a bass heavy track that is parallel to Hedegaard’s classic signature sound. It has a killer charm to it where the incessant influx of synthesizers, deep bass and orchestral percussions yield a dark soundscape that you can lose yourself into. The track is an anti-filter statement that embraces honesty and openness in an era where we often try to project pseudo versions of ourselves. Enjoy:

“‘SA-MY-D’ is a breathing hole and a counter-reaction to the ‘fake filter’ many of us live in -or constantly relate to. It’s about what is genuine -to put one’s foot down to everything that you really shouldn’t be wasting your time on. ” explained Hedegaard.

The track is a taste of Hedegaard’s upcoming EP, which will be out this spring.