Price Park’s “Someone Else” Ft. Jade Alice Makes Grieving Digestible


Photo: Courtesy of Mammal Sounds

ARIA-nominated producer Price Park joins forces with Melbourne artist Jade Alice in his new single “Someone Else” ft. Jade Alice where he taps into the different forms of grief we experience. Through a mixture of lush harmonies and glistening textures, Price Park crafts an emotional sketch of the way we process grief. Stream below:

“At its core, ‘Someone Else’ is about grief, growth and change. Grief is a process that never really ends, it only changes shape. Whether it’s grief about a person, a job, a relationship or whatever -there’s always that period of lament. This song is like an emotional snapshot of that part of the process, where you’re recounting everything that transpired, and you’re obsessing and stewing and you think you’ll never move on: then all of a sudden you find this strength -you realise that part of the process isn’t serving you, so you pick yourself up and start moving forward.” shared Price Park.

Tom Armstrong is the mastermind behind Price Park who is also known for producing for Aunty Donna and GodWolf. Price Park will be releasing more songs this year, so stay tuned.