Rooney’s “Time And Time Again” Is The Delightful Classic Indie Rock That Is Timeless

Soundtrack of Robert Schwartzman’s film ‘The Unicorn’

Photo: Courtesy of 300 Entertainment

Rooney, the 20-year-old project of Robert Schwartzman (whom we think is a vampire coz he looks exactly the same 2 decades ago…no joke), has just dropped a new indie rock single “Time And Time Again” via 300 Entertainment. It has the vibe of the classic indie rock goodness that Millennials grew up with, but also a kick of novelty to it with its chill edginess. The track is off of Robert’s latest film The Unicorn, which was released back in February. Before we dive into the synopsis of the film, enjoy “Time And Time Again” below:

“I wrote ‘Time And Time Again’ for The Unicorn, a feature film I had the pleasure directing and working alongside a talented cast and crew. When you write a song for a film, it changes the context, the foundation, and frames the writing process in a certain way that supports the film’s story. I like to write songs with a specific focus, purpose, and intention, otherwise it all feels a bit disjointed. I’m happy I got to contribute ‘Time And Time Again’ to the film and it’s exciting to release a new Rooney single on the project’s 20 year anniversary.” shared Robert.

The Unicornfollows the story of an engaged couple, Marlory and Caleb, who finds out that the key to the successful marriage of Malory’s parents is threesomes. We’ll leave it at that.

The soundtrack will be out in all platforms on March 8.