MINKA Hits The Road Like A Boss Before Hopping Onto His Chopper In “Rollerblades”

R&B pop

Photo: Courtesy of The Syndicate

MINKA has announced the final two installments of his 2019 EP trilogy today: Mysteries of the Heartwhich will be out on March 29 and Reincarnation, out on April 12. And because no news is better than a dramatic video, MINKA has also shared his latest video “Rollerblades” from his Mysteries of the Heartwhere he shows off his rollerblading skills before hopping onto a chopper and making us even more jealous. It’s a party track that goes well on ground and on air:

In regards to the Mysteries of the Heart, MINKA shared:

“i spent many months alone. in my thirst for a deeper understanding, i put aside physical and emotional needs. when i emerged from my solitude, though, i felt one impulse i couldn’t ignore. i needed to release a tidal wave of pent-up sexual energy. i wasn’t sure how to deal with this. in meditation, my practice is to acknowledge all thoughts, emotions, or physical feelings – and then let them go. if i surrender to carnal urges, am i betraying myself? i mean…can you picture the Dalai Lama cruising craigslist looking for fetish parties? maybe not. but what i think he’d say is that i was missing something essential: balance. in the practice of actually living life, it’s pointless to dissociate from my true self – a self that includes basic instincts. to be human, i must learn to live with the animal side. to make peace with it. only then can i begin to understand the ‘Mysteries of the Heart.’”

As for Reincarnation, he also shared:

“i’d venture to say that the general public has never even heard of lieder.

i started learning it as an exercise – a way to put new vocal textures into practice. i was immediately drawn to the depth of feeling in these short (often two minute) pieces. it occurred to me: these melodies are timeless. and yet, nobody knows them. so i borrowed some of those melodies. i threw in my own lyrics. add a dash of hiphop and electronic flavor, and voila – something totally new.

well, maybe not totally new. something reincarnated.”

You can catch MINKA incarnate this month in Philly:

3/15 – Warehouse on Watts (Philadelphia, PA, USA)