Spatial Soul & APOLLIN Skyrocket Us To The Cosmic Popsphere In “About You”

It’s indietronic future bass from the galaxy

Photo: Courtesy of the artist

Canadian artist Spatial Soul joins forces with APOLLIN in new galactic pop single “About You.” We just labeled ‘pop’ as a brief summary, but really the track is an explosive blend of future bass and chest-swelling synths that exude a magnetic fluidity that buoys your mind to a galactic realm. Through its breathy choruses and bursting momentums that keep building intensity, “About You” is a love song that takes earthly romanticism to the Milky Way. Stream below:

Julien is the mastermind behind Spatial Soul who broke into the scene with his single “Ocean Track.” Since then, he has amassed followers around the world and features on official Spotify playlists. But despite his fast rise, Julien decided to take a hiatus in mid-2018 to work on his collaborative EP with other artists such as APOLLIN, Chris Durkin, and more. He will be releasing his EP soon, so stay tuned.