Take A Psych Rock Flight With Technicolor Fabrics’ “Levitando”

Kaleidoscopic journey

Photo: Technicolor Fabric Facebook

Mexican rock band Technicolor Fabrics take us into the psychedelic rock waters in their latest single “Levitando” (“Floating” in Spanish). It’s a whirlwind of spiraling funkiness with chromatic synths that buoys you to the starry-eyed heights of romance. With twinkling chimes and stomping percussions, “Levitando” is a mind-dazzling track that shows a sound that we’ve never heard from Technicolor Fabrics. It’s far more trippy and channels a mesmeric smoothness that takes you on a surreal journey. Enjoy below:

“Levitando” is from the quintet’s upcoming record, which they haven’t disclosed much details yet. The five have shows coming up in the next few weeks, so ask for deets in person coz peer pressure tends to work better face-to-face:

4/5 – El Plaza (Mexico City, Mexico)

5/4 – Café Iguana (Monterrey, Mexico)

5/11 – Estadio Panchon Contreras (Chiapas, Mexico)