Baker Grace Leaves No Room For Insecurities In “Numb”

But tons of room for hooks

Photo: Courtesy of Fancy PR

Baker Grace is bulletproof from insecurities and parasitic people in her new foot-tapping single “Numb” where she chants about not letting external bad vibes affect her own worth. With  chromatic melodic beats and swirling uplifting rhythm, Baker captures us with her groovy vocals that takes us on a waltz with self-love. There are no room for haters in this track:

“‘Numb’ is a song about being strong enough to stay unaffected by people who try to bring you down due to their own insecurities. It is about being able to acknowledge when someone is  hurting you and carry-on with grace instead of fighting back. It is about taking control of a situation and putting your own well being over egotistical drama. I hope people listen to this song and feel empowered enough to take control of their own lives and become ‘Numb’ to  the people who hold them back” shared Baker.

The track is from Baker’s upcoming EP Girl, I Know, which will be out on May 17th. She has a show coming up in SF, so see her:

4/5 – Rickshaw Shop (San Francisco, CA, USA)