Eden Samara Taps Into Digital-Bred Sociophobia In “Robot”

Indietronic pop

Photo: Courtesy of The Playground PR

Canadian artist Eden Samara walks us through the sociophobia and apathy that has been engendered by our current technology in new single “Robot.” Despite the seriousness of the topic, “Robot” is one catchy track that hits right to your bone. Nestled in that sweet spot between invigorating intensity and chill pace, “Robot” on its own feels like a euphoric labyrinth that you can just navigate through all day. Enjoy below:

“The song was inspired by a brief relationship I had that really f–d me up, but it became a social commentary on our tendency in the digital age to shut down on one another. There have been times where operating with this sort of emotional numbness seemed very appealing, but in the end, I always find myself choosing to feel and explore vulnerability. Frankly, our current sociopolitical climate scares the shit out of me, because in a time when we’ve never been more globally connected I’ve never seen such a general lack of empathy from humanity.” explained Eden.

The track is from Eden’s upcoming EP Days, which will be out soon.