Safe To Swim’s “Make Things Like They Used To Be” Is A Nostalgic Indie Pop Kiss

For all of us who need a rewind button

Photo: Courtesy of A Badge of Friendship

Indie pop quartet Safe To Swim takes us into a nostalgic journey of longing for simpler times in their new single “Make Things Like They Used To Be.” With dreamy, mind-expanding synths and buzzing waves, the quartet toys us between reflective moodiness and invigorating euphoria as they keep triggering old memories. “Faith since the 90’s / Past tense almighty” chants STS. This is what we call the ultimate nostalgic track for the last of the Millennials who were born in the 90s:

“Make Things Like They Used To Be” is from the quartet’s upcoming debut EP Boyhood, which is currently on the works so stay tuned.