DYGL’s “A Paper Dream” Is An Ode To Music That Pulls Our Nostalgia Strings

A cushioning, garage rock ode

Photo: Courtesy of Wilful Publicity

Japanese indie quartet DYGL pulls our strings of nostalgia in their latest single “A Paper Dream” where they pay homage to all the previous music from our younger days. We all have songs, playlists, albums, and mixtapes that are time capsules of our past. Through dreamy bouncy percussions and raw swag, DYGL emulates that sense of comfort and familiarity we experience when we revisit our old songs:

“‘A Paper Dream’ is about the fond memories you get when listening to music from your youth. Your feelings for the songs might change a bit over time, but still the music you’ve liked always gives you some perspective on life, which always makes you feel like dancing by yourself. This is the whole image of time and youth I guess everyone goes through.” shared frontman Nobuki Akiyama.

The track is the follow up of DYGL’s critically acclaimed debut album Say Goodbye To Memory, which was produced by Albert Hammond Jr and released back in 2017. The band will be playing at SXSW this month before hitting London, so go chill with them:


(SXSW Schedule)

13th – Safehouse Session #102, Spokesman – 5pm

14th – Live Japan Preview Day Show Powered by Tunecore Japan, Elysium – 1:45pm

14th – Levitation SXSW presented by Creem Magazine, Hotel Vagas – 3:40pm

14th – SXSW Offical Showcase, Lucille – 1pm

15th – Side One Track One, Coopers – 3pm

16th – Music For Listeners, Lazarus Brewing Company – 3pm

16th – SXSW Official Showcase, Beerland – 11pm

17th – Burgermania 8, Hotel Vagas – 2pm


4th – London, The Old Blue Last