Michael Paradise Captures The Art Of Capitalism In “Gold”

Fame, money, ego, and lots of shiny things

Photo: Courtesy of the artist

Canadian artist Michael Paradise shows the incessant nature of dissatisfaction in his new video “Gold” – a dark humor video that nails our tendency to always look for external gratification. Whether that is for our ego, materialistic desires, or crave for attention, “Gold” nails the never-ending cycle of looking for that next shiny thing. The video features the one and only Michael who takes us through the highs and lows of living with the art of capitalism. Watch below:

“The concept for gold came from thinking about how we always want more out of our lives, our relationships, our experiences. I think it’s simply a product of living in such an intensely capitalistic world — the result is an inability to be satisfied. The line ‘looking back I wanted more, all that ice and gold’ felt like it captured both this capitalist greed for more wealth and status, but also that emotional and social desire to be cool. It also felt a bit playful because I’m not one to ever be iced out” shared Michael.

“Gold” is from Michael’s upcoming EP, which will be out later this year. More details to come.