The Shakes’ “Underneath A Blood Orange Sky” Is An Ambient Psychedelic Explosion

A coming-of-age story

Cali-based band The Shakes tells us a story of coming-of-age in their latest single “Underneath A Blood Orange Sky.” As its title implies, it’s an ambitious and colossal track that has the hefty ambience similar to shoegaze, but the groovy textures of psychedelia. With melancholic undertones, “Underneath A Blood Orange Sky” has a pulse of its own where the breathy choruses paired with blood-rushing synth waves capture the overwhelming novelty we experience in our teen years. Stream below:

“It starts off with a voicemail of my dad attempting to reconnect with me after we had a huge falling out. Our relationship had diminished for awhile after a series of personal events. This was him reaching out to me when I was distant and in an uncomfortable state of mind. Over the years we’ve rekindled and our relationship is flourishing now” explained frontman Sean Perry.

The Shakes released their acclaimed debut EP With Every Momentlast year and have been making buzz across playlists and charts with their sound. They’re currently working on new music, so keep your ears out.