Close Counters’ “Tip Of Tongue” Ft. Laneous Is An Electrofunk Delight

And it’s very contagious

Photo: Courtesy of Exist. Recordings

Aussie duo Close Counters recruits their fellow artist Laneous in new electrofunk single “Tip Of Tongue” – the anthem you’ll be banging on the dancefloor at the beginning and end of your night out. The song taps into the rapture, torture, and unpredictability of being emotionally infected by someone’s thoughts. The best way to deal with those feelings is to dance your heart out:

“The song is about when a girl takes over your thoughts. And everything you do reminds you of her in some way. And it’s shit.” explained Laneous.

“We’ve really loved working with Laneous – his ability to conceive different vocal ideas in a heartbeat has left us very inspired and we look forward to another collab in the future.” shared Close Counters.

The track is the byproduct of serendipity and it dates back when Close Counters met Laneous at his Uncomfortable Science residency at Boney. As CC mentioned, be on the lookout for more singles and collabs from them.