Cousin Kula’s “Brain Abroad” Is A Psych Pop Portrayal Of Your Hangover Blues

You know that empty feeling you get after overpartying? Yup, it’s about that.

Photo: Courtesy of Kartel

Bristol-based band Cousin Kula addresses that strange existential void we experience after partying our asses off in their new single “Brain Abroad.” Whether that emptiness derives from your party withdrawal symptoms or the fact that partying didn’t resolve your deeper issues, it’s up to you. “Brain Abroad” is a self-reflection where Cousin Kula channel that funkiness through kaleidoscopic beats and fuzzed-out atmosphere with a delicate, sympathizing chorus. Stream below:

“Sometimes I like to keep the theme of the lyrics undefined, and just see where the words go. In this case, the song became about losing your way a bit, partying too hard, and having those strange thoughts that haunt you the next day.” Explained singer/guitarist Ellio Ellison.

The track is an upcoming taste of Cousin Kula’s second EP, which is currently on the works. For more details, go ask them in person:

13th March – London – The Lexington w/ Plastic Mermaids

5th May – Liverpool – Liverpool Sound City