Hembree’s “Almost” Is For All The Half-Assed Relationships You’ve Had

Fuzzy 80s-ish rock

Photo: Courtesy of Grandstand Media

Rock quintet Hembree provides us a therapeutic and meditative space to flush out all the frustrations you’ve accumulated from being with someone who is one foot in and out in their new single “Almost.” Built on glass-cutting chords and layered with fumes of sizzling synths, “Almost” feels like an anachronistic piece between now and the 80s. Enjoy:

“The song is through the lens of a relationship, where someone is all in and someone isn’t. This concept applies to all of life’s relationships. There has to be a balance when it comes to dependency. It’s a familiar feeling that I think we’ve all dealt with, and ‘Almost’ is about getting through that stage and reflecting on all you went through. It’s also a song with a bit of lament. A ‘what could we have been?’ scenario. Lately, I’ve been finding more depth in the narrative, and I love that I’m still discovering meaning in this song. Also, I can’t wait to play that riff live.”

“Almost” is from Hembree’s upcoming album House On Fire, which will be out on April 26. The band will be playing at SXSW this year, so make sure to go see them in person.

SXSW Shows

3/13: KROX Radio Session – Buffalo Billiards @ 1:30pm

3/14 Official SXSW Showcase – Maggie Mae’s Rooftop @ 11pm

3/15 Austin City Limits Radio Session (W Hotel Austin) @ 7am

3/15: MidCoast Takeover – Shangri-La @ 4:30pm

3/16 – Yeti Party – Yeti Flagship Store / Hyatt Regency Lawn @ 4:00pm

3/16 – Aviator Nation Party (1325 S. Congress Ave.) @ 8pm