David44 Finds Solace In Solitude In New Video “I Feel Better On My Own”

It’s also your guide to appreciating sculptures

Photo: Courtesy of Copenhagen Records

If you don’t know who David44 is, then you need to spend more time online than the real world. The Danish artist David Ólafsson is what you’ll call the antihero of safe conventions. He quit law school, gave up money, left a relationship and even his home in Copenhagen to pursue his passion for music. After a long period of struggles, he finally landed a gig at a studio and started making his own music. Today David44 has released the video for “I feel better on my own,” where we see him finding a meditative solace within solitude. Surrounded by statues, “I feel better on my own” exudes a form of mystic vibe to it where we find David44 embracing his own company. Watch below:

The track is from David’s44’s upcoming record Truth, which will be out on March 15th. David will also be playing a couple of shows in the upcoming weeks, so go see him:

3/14 – Vega (Copenhagen, Denmark)

4/11 – Vega (Copenhagen, Denmark)