Kakkmaddafakka Illustrates The Natural Deterioration Of Intimacy In “The Rest”

Dreamy melancholia

Photo: Courtesy of Mystic Sons

Norwegian band Kakkmaddafakka gives us a lesson of love and its expiration in new single “The Rest” where they take us from the dreamy initial to the inevitable emotional tug-of-war we experience as the fire wears out. But despite its realistic and melancholic topic, “The Rest” is a soothingly reflective song that takes you one a mental trip to personal meditative wonderland. Stream below:

“‘The Rest’ explores the dynamic between two people in a romantic relationship and the transitions that happen over a long period of time; from the honeymoon period to the comfort that inevitably develops and the constant push and pull between intimacy and distance.” Shared frontman Axel Vindenes.

The track is from the band’s upcoming fifth album Diplomacy, which will be out on March 22nd. They will also start touring Europe in April, so go see them:

02/04/19 – Grelle Forelle – Vienna, AUSTRIA

04/04/19 – Hydrozagadka – Warsaw, POLAND

05/04/19 – Próznosc – Poznan, POLAND

06/04/19 – Pavillon am Raschplatz – Hannover, GERMANY

07/04/19 – Astra – Berlin, GERMANY

08/04/19 – Beatpol – Dresden, GERMANY

09/04/19 – Maffathalle – Munich, GERMANY

10/04/19 – E-Werk – Erlangen, GERMANY

11/04/19 – Lagerhalle@Pop-Salon – Osnabruck, GERMANY

12/04/19 – Kantine – Cologne, GERMANY

13/04/19 – Alte Feuerwache – Mannheim, GERMANY

16/04/19 – Fabrik – Hamburg, GERMANY

17/04/19 – Schlachthof – Wiesbaden, GERMANY

18/04/19 – HSD – Erfurt, GERMANY