Yellow Shoots’ “Magic Man” Ft. Braxton Cook Is A Realistic Portrayal Of Our Internet Alter Ego

Apparently, Internet can be addictive

Photo: Courtesy of La Reserve LLC

Brooklyn-based artist Yellow Shoots gives us the highly addictive Internet alter ego that we can’t seem to break away from in his new single “Magic Man” ft. Braxton Cook. It’s a soulful piece that floods you with funk and apocalyptic messages through bass lines and Braxton’s saxophone that really capture the dark magic of the cyber world. We don’t have anything against the Internet – in fact, we’re part of it. But there is an addictive nature to it that can engulf your sanity to the extent that it dictates your life…just saying:

“I was visualizing some sort of creepy carnival, a place that’s masked with fun but doesn’t feel quite right,” shared Yellow Shoots. “The magic man I’m describing is not really a person, it’s sort of an addiction to social acceptance. Sometimes I think we’re living in a time where everyone has their own fucked up TV show.”

Speaking of Internet, never go offline and just keep streaming “Magic Man” non-stop.