Billie-Rae Gives Us A Taste Of Bold Badassery In “Go Getter”

Electropop for your inner boss

Photo: Courtesy of Nyhla Records

Vancouver/LA-based artist Bille-Rae showcases her boldness while fueling our inner hustler in new single “Go Getter.” There is a rare mixture of cool laidback air and empowering tone in her vocals that make “Go Getter” a statement of her own ambition. It’s the ultimate bitch-i-got-this-get-outta-my-way anthem where Billie-Rae injects us with her own contagious badassery. The lush soundscape makes “Go Getter” an adhesive track that stays with you:

“Go Getter” is out now via Nyhla Records, an artist-run label in Vancouver.