Lola Kirke Cover Of Rick Danko’s “Sip The Wine” Is Your Wine Ritual Anthem

What we’ll be blasting every night

Photo: Lili Pepper

Ahead of her SXSW appearance this week, Lola Kirke gives us the perfect unwind nocturnal track “Sip The Wine.” It’s a cover of her favorite artist Rick Danko where Lola gets to flex her own vocal muscles and add a fresh splash to the classic track. Yes, we will be playing this during our daily wine ritual:

Lola will be playing at SXSW this week, so go see her:

SXSW Shows

3/12: Spacebomb Revue – Antone’s – 11pm

3/13: Laneway – Lucile – 10pm

3/14: Luck Reunion – Luck Texas Ranch – 1pm