Guest Singer’s “I Could Never Live Like You Do” Is Anti-Hero, Anti-Idol & Anti-BS

Heroes are dangerous

Photo: Graeme Oxby

UK artist Guest Singer takes an unorthodox road in regards to heroes in his new track “I Could Never Live Like You Do.” Rather than trying to brainwash us with false optimism, starry-eyed motivation, and hyperbolic standards, he acknowledges the existence of flaws and the toxicity that idolizing someone can bring to our mind. Admiring someone is great, but don’t push your perception of them to godlike heights – that’s the message:

“Heroes are nothing but unreliable narrators created in our own minds. What we idolise in other people is often what we think is missing within ourselves. When you discover these protagonists of perfection are flawed, cruel, or just boring, the let-down of realisation can empty you out. This song is recognition of that.” shares Guest Singer.

The single is from his debut EP I’m Irrelevant Now, which will be out on March 22. He has shows coming up in April:

UK Tour

18th April – The Castle, Manchester +

23rd April – The Polar Bear, Hull +

26th April – Café Totem, Sheffield +

+ w/ Team Picture