Mags On Earth’s “Old Ford Road” Is An Ode To Self-Amour

Dreamy, enigmatic pop

Photo: Courtesy of Top Button Digital

UK artist Mags On Earth reminds us to love the person that we judge the most in “Old Ford Road.” And yes, she is talking about our own selves. In a melancholic and laidback soundscape, Mags On Earth radiates a classic 60s pop vibe that has been hybridized with modern electropop. The result is an enigmatically dreamy sound that feels smudged with two time periods. It’s a romantic song for yourself where the video features Mags in vintage aesthetics:

In regards to the song, the gal shared that it is about “self-compassion, self-forgiveness and a sense of enjoying life in the imperfect present. Being in London definitely plays a role in those hopeful emotions for me. Big cities do something to me, they free me. I like the rush and anonymity. I love just walking around for hours in different areas of the city, stopping for a coffee somewhere, watching people passing by, maybe checking out some second-hand-shops and just keeping walking. It’s one of those things that make me feel very grounded in myself, like it’s just me and the city. That’s the sentiment that ‘Old Ford Road’ is dealing with”

The single is from her debut EP Girl In The City, which was released back in February. If you liked what you heard so far, then dive in: