Natalie Lynn Takes Us To The Top Of The World In “One”

When you’re at the peak of the rollercoaster

Photo: Courtesy of Auteur Research

Toronto-based artist Natalie Lynn rockets us to the starry-eyed heights of being on top – whether it’s in a rollercoaster, career, romance, etc. – in her new single “One.” It’s electropop saturated with chest-swelling ambience that radiates the high we get when everything seems to be under our feet. Stream below:

“The whole vibe of ‘One’ – my debut single – is like the feeling of being at the top of a roller coaster. Not the part when you actually start going down, but right before that. Pure excitement and vulnerability. The feeling like you might just be on the top of the world” shared Natalie.

“One” is a glimpse into Natalie’s debut record, which is currently on the works. She has a show coming up so go see her:

3/16 – JUNOfest (London, ON, Canada)