RAC’s ‘Closer’ Is The Therapeutic EP Your Post #InstagramBlackout2019 Trauma Needs

A deeply relaxing classical EP by your favorite Catstagrammer

Photo: RAC Facebook

You know RAC as the Grammy-winning artist who makes swag electropop that spreads in your playlist like a euphonious plague. But the maestro did something super unexpected two days ago: he revealed his new classical EP Closer. And by classical we mean the kind of song you’ll encounter at a ballet performance, sophisticated melodrama, or matcha meditation. Kidding about the third one, but you can easily start that trend in LA. Closer is laidback, fluid, and lets you slow down like you were back in a simpler era where IG blackout wasn’t a global crisis. Yes, Closer is the antidote for your post #InstagramBlackout2019 trauma:

On the EP, RAC commented that “It features four songs I wrote for Oregon Ballet Theatre. While it was quite challenging I really enjoyed trying something very different and experimental. There’s something freeing about not conforming to traditional song structures and writing something purely emotional. While some might try to quickly categorize this as classical or orchestral, I just think of it more as being an expression of who I am. I hope you like it.”

Make sure to tell him how much you like this when he’s at Long Beach in May:

5/3 – The Queen Mary (Long Beach, CA, USA)

5/4 – Just Like Heaven Fest (Long Beach, CA, USA)