Yumi Zouma Nails Teenage Growing Pains In New Video “In Camera”

Coz growing up is confusing and groovy

Photo: Yumi Zouma YouTube

Australian band Yumi Zouma channels the chaotic ranges that our emotions reach during our teenage years in new video “In Camera.” Directed by Pavel Brenner, the video shows teen romance through stunning choreography that is wistful and full of nostalgia. Watch below:

“Pavel’s video, and the song itself, are based on a feeling, a mood, a sense of nostalgia,” shared Christie Simpson of Yumi Zouma. “It’s a tandem feeling of hopefulness and hopelessness, teenage coming-of-age awkwardness, bold and sometimes silly expressions of adoration (be them requited or otherwise), the bittersweet pain of growing up and crushing hard (but finding a joy in it all), the innocence and purity of adolescence, and the realness of life presented in a hyperreal way, with a hyperreal focus on the banal and familiar.”

The video is from their latest EP III, which was released back in fall.