Blu DeTiger’s “Mad Love” Is Your New Bi:)tch-Don’t-Ruin-My-Vibe Anthem

Dancefloor with smashing bass

Photo: Rachel Cabbitt

NY artist Blu DeTiger swirls us into a crazy disco soundscape with her latest drop “Mad Love” where she admits being an all-the-way lover, but will cut off any bitches who ruin her vibe. And my “Mad Love” she’s not only referring to romantic relationship but even casual relationships with other human beings. You may be a compassionate person who is willing to share your Doritos, but if they’re energy vampires then it’s an immediate NO. With her cutting vocals and punchy beats, Blu slithers your basic pop soundscape adding her own elements of disco, bass, and zeal:

In regards to the track, Blue shared “It can be as simple as someone coming into your space (physical or emotional) and disrupting your vibe or flow, or someone actually trying to hit on you at the club when all you wanna do is dance and have fun with your friends. I got mad love, but if you start putting negative energy into my life I’m going to get off that immediately.”

Blu was raised in a family of artists and started learning her first electric bass at the age of seven. She is currently studying at NYU’s Clive Davis Institute and working on new music, so keep your ears out. Also, good luck with midterms and finals.