Chloe Lilac Taps Into The Toxicity Of Dream Girl In “Manic Pixie Dream”

A reminder that dream girl can go gone girl

Photo: Chloe Lilac – Manic Pixie Dream (Official Video) YouTube

Chloe Lilac has been warning us about the toxicity of idealizing someone – especially when it comes to the ‘perfect girl’ in relationships. If Gone Girldidn’t convince you enough, then “Manic Pixie Dream” will where Chloe demolishes the quixotic vision we have when trying to live up to an unrealistic image. Drenched with neon lights and fragmented memories of a romance, “Manic Pixie Dream” feels like a dream about the reality:

“This video symbolizes how destructive the manic pixie dream girl trope is in relationships because of how unrealistic it is and how it sets really toxic expectations for young women.” shared Chloe.

“Manic Pixie Dream” is the title track of her debut EP, which is out now via RCA Records. Check it out: