Molly Moore’s “Vibes” Ft. Keenan Charles Is All You Need To Get In The Mood


Photo: Ellie Pritts

LA-based artist Molly Moore help us reconnect and get in the mood to be honest to ourselves in her latest R&B track “Vibes.” Built on an polished and slick soundscape, “Vibes” has a smokiness that uncoils in a fashionably hypnotic motion that lures you immediately. It’s chill but the emotional density of the lyrics makes it a reflective piece that helps you recharge your own energy. Stream below:

“A lot of my life doesn’t feel real lately, and I find myself tripping over small things, affected by energy, easily overtaken by overwhelming emotions. It was especially surreal to reconnect with my high school prom date Keenan Charles to remotely collaborate on it. We haven’t seen each other in so many years!” shared the gal.

Born to a musician father and healer mother, Molly won the parental lottery when it comes to coolness. Molly moved to LA after graduating from high school and has scored viral singles already. She will be releasing more songs this year, so be on the lookout.