Naomi Wild Sends Us Dark Frissons In New R&B Track “Run That”

You know her from Odesza’s “Higher Ground”

Photo: Haley Busch

Naomi Wild is whom we would call a ‘femme maverick’ in the R&B genre – she knows how to demolish the soundscape with her visceral desires and cutting vocals. The gal hit the spotlight when after featuring in Odesza’s “Higher Ground” and even hitting the road with them. Now she is ready to go further with her solo endeavor and she’s making a statement today by dropping her latest work “Run That.” It’s a distortedly blissful piece filled with Naomi’s own emotional lesions and throbbing beats that move like a bruised heart. Enjoy:

Naomi decided to pursue music after seeing Odesza’s performance at Coachella when she was just a junior in high school. She sent the duo a demo titled “Higher Ground” and couple of years later, she was performing with them on the road. She currently wrapped up her SXSW solo show and is woking on new music. More goodness to come.