Tropic Harbour Takes Self-Care To Utopian Heights In “Softness”

A Zen journey

Photo: Courtesy of Liberty Music PR

If your headspace has been in a funk, then it’s time to revamp your self-care with Ropic Harbour’s “Softness.” It’s a calm, ethereal pop that lets you indulge in the nostalgic atmospheric goodness that Tropic Harbour has just carved for you. Inspired by Tropic Harbour’s own struggle with chronic anxiety, “Softness” is a reminder to be good to yourself. Kinda like a memo. The video, directed by Mark Berg, is a portrayal of Tropic Harbour’s own utopia as well as any herban out there.

“The track ‘Softness’ is about being gentle with yourself and taking time for self-care. It documents a specifically bad day I had after fighting a chronic panic attack where I decided to lay back down in my bed, wrap myself in covers and wait for the day to pass. The overarching premise is about finding inner peace among all the noise that can build up in ones head. The video we shot for this song is an outward look into peoples’ lives. It’s a series of portraits of self-care with a variety of different approaches, unique to each person in the film.” Shared Tropic Harbour.

Mark Berg is the dude behind Tropic Harbour who has been making waves across Spotify playlists with his latest releases. “Softness” is from his upcoming EP Calm, which will be out on April 26. In the meantime, keep calm and play this on.