Melby’s “Dancer” Sums Up The Existential Pains & Bliss Of A Night Out

A psych pop trip into your own emotional confusion

Photo: Sara Björkegren

Stockholm-based quartet Melby takes us through the range of emotions that we inevitably experience in our night out in their new single “Dancer” – a crooning, hazy piece of psychedelic pop that delineates the loneliness, emotional mess, and addictive highs we experience during the course of the night. If you ever been out drinking, dancing, yelling, and crying, you know how overwhelming a ‘night out’ can be. It’s almost like a spiritual awakening that you’ll be regretting/embracing during your hangover next morning:

”Dancer is a pretty messy description of nightlife and mingling, but like a downward spiral before the crash. You can’t tell nights or people apart, and you’re kind of bored and blase about it. It’s a lot about decadence and decay, but also about having fun, freedom and reckless youth before adulthood.” explained singer Matilda Wiezell.

“Dancer” is from the quartet’s upcoming debut LP None of this makes me worry, which will be out on April 12 via Rama Lama Records. They will start touring towards the end of this month, so go see them:

Europe 2019

March 28 – Tallin Music Week

March 29 – Kultuuriklubi Tempel, Pärnu

April 2 – Turmzinner, Hamburg*

April 3 – Privatclub, Berlin*

April 4 – Zehner, München*

April 13 – Nalen Klubb, Stockholm

April 16 – Sebright Arms, London

April 26 – Sharpe, Bratislava

May 3 – Grand, Malmö

May 11 – Studio HPKSM, Gothenburg

*supporting Lazy Day