Pelicandy Revives The Dying Art Of Listening With “Silent Treatment”

Listening is becoming a dead art

Photo: Nona Duch

UK trio Pelicandy is breathing life to the dying art of listening in their new synthpop single “Silent Treatment” – a jangly, funk-infused piece that takes you on an unexpected waltz with its arrhythmic beats. It’s playful yet serious reminder of how the lack of communication – or listening in this case – is the number one source of all your personal problems…think of breakups, not following instructions, messing up your groceries list, etc. Enjoy below:

“‘Silent Treatment’ could be a song about a failure to communicate in a relationship, dismissing others over political differences, or soundproofing your home. But it’s really a song about listening” shared the band.

Pelicandy are TC Beecham (vocals, guitar, synthesiser & keys), Junior Cobbinah (bass guitar, backing vocals) and Nick Mills (drum kit, drum programming, backing vocals) who have been making buzz across various media online and radio with their sound. The trio is currently working on new music, so keep your eardrums out.